Miessence Vision

Unrivalled purity, potency and freshness is more than just a positioning statement for Miessence.

It goes to the very heart of what separates us from everyone else.
Our ingredients are pure and so too is the ethos that is the driving force behind why Miessence was established.
Our values centre on respecting nature and respecting people. Those two guiding principles govern every action we take as a company.
We are about the best of both worlds – being healthy and prosperous in the modern world but through non-harmful methods on all levels and being in touch with nature.
It is behind our desire to create something that did not exist before – fully certified organic nutritional and personal care products.
Transparency is something all consumers should expect from companies they choose to purchase from. We value our customers right to make informed decisions about their health and well-being so every ingredient we use is listed on our web site and on our products.
Ours is a high integrity mission – creating brilliant products that people love using.
Potency is found in our fresh, naturally processed ingredients that work in harmony as nature intended and also in our global community of like-minded individuals who identify with Miessence's desire to inspire, inform and educate the world about value certified organic products for health, home and body.
Through a cooperative, collaborative business networking model, we believe we can create a rich culture of people enjoying something that resonates with their values, and enhances their sense of integrity through being part of something that is a leader and contributing force to change in attitudes and practices.
It was through fresh thinking that we created a world first – products for health, home and body certified to organic food standards that are made fresh and shipping fresh.
And fresh thinking means Miessence continues to innovate and develop our product range, our business and our people.
We welcome you on this journey with us.
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